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Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to make sure that I had an opportunity right now to tell everybody about myself and about this company, Simple Roofing and Exteriors. I want everyone to know what we’re trying to accomplish here in this industry so we’re going to call this an introduction video.

In this video we’re gonna explain not only what kind of YouTube videos we’re gonna be making with this YouTube channel and blog but we’re also going to be telling you guys about who we are and where we and our company come from.

First, my name is Pasha Kazmer. My wife and I own Simple Roofing and Exteriors, Inc. We are starting a new company but we are by no means new to this business. In fact the group that we have has over a hundred years of experience combined between all of us. I, myself have been roofing since I was 14 years old and I have actually been involved in the Denver marketplace since 1993. Roofing, siding, windows, gutters…. I’ve done it all here and I’ve done it for multiple companies. With me and with my team you have a group of experts in our industry and we’re excited to bring that expertise to you.

When it comes to the YouTube channel and blog that we’re going to be building and adding videos to, we’re going to focus on taking this complicated process and simplifying it. That’s really what simple roofing and exteriors is all about. We understand that you, the homeowner, doesn’t have the time or energy to figure out exactly what shingles are right. To figure out exactly what materials are good. To find a crew you know you can trust and to make sure that they’re going to take care of the process completely through everything.

We’re going to be building videos that explain what the best impact resistant shingles are on the marketplace. Explain the difference between vinyl wood and fiberglass windows or even the composite ones that some of the companies are making. We are going to help you understand why certain shingles are built differently and why those different builds help them to function better or worse in our marketplace. We’re also going to help you understand the entire insurance process from start to finish. Like what your deductible is and how that deductible works. Also, what an ACV policy and is when to consider talking to your insurance agent and upgrading your policy. We’re also going to be talking about that relationship with your insurance agent and how that’s almost as important as your relationship with your doctor or your family attorney

We want you the person at home watching this video to understand that we are going to simplify every single process of this restoration project that you have in front of you. So when it comes to Simple Roofing and Exteriors you may wonder why we chose a name like Simple? Obviously we’ve been talking about simplifying this process, but when everybody else wants to make it confusing to you, the homeowner, so that they can stand out, we just choose to educate you. We choose to simplify the process for you. We choose to teach you through the entire process exactly what you’re looking at so when you’re done working with us you’ll understand why we worked with your insurance carrier, why you have to pay your deductible when we’re going to install everything, what we’re going to be doing and how we’re going to be protecting your property and taking care of your home.

In the end working with simple roofing and exteriors and working with me and my wife and our team is going to be the best possible solution for simplifying this entire process.

Thank you so much for your time. I look forward to many more videos with you. This is the first of many and so if you like this video please let me know! If you think of something you want us to talk about, please feel free to comment. It’s important to us that we connect with you, our customers and viewers at home and help to simplify every single process.

Thank you!
Pasha Kazmer

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