Steps for a typical claims process:

Assessing the Damage-

If your home is damaged by a storm, it’s essential for you to quickly begin the insurance and repair process. Although you may not think your home has damage, it is critical to have it assessed by Simple Roofing and Exteriors. We can have a trained professional come out to inspect your home in a contactless way.

Claims Adjustment-

Insurance companies typically send a claims adjuster to inspect the storm damage and determine the value of the property. To ensure that the insurance company finds all of the damage and pays for all the repairs needed, our project managers can be on-site for the adjustment.

Insurance Company Approval-

Once the claim is submitted to the insurance company, they will provide you with a check to initiate the repair or replacement process. This check (ACV) is for the amount of the estimate minus the depreciation and deductible.

Supplement Procedure-

A supplement estimate with both approved items and additional items (supplements) that have not been covered on the initial insurance claim summary but are fairly owed per policy will be sent to your insurance carrier . These items are needed to get your property back to pre-storm condition. Simple Roofing and Exteriors will be in contact with the adjuster assigned by the insurance carrier until a settlement amount is agreed upon. As the insurance carrier approves the supplements, additional supplemental payments will be issued. The amount of approved supplement checks issued will vary.

Our team has considerable experience managing this process for you. However we may need your help by granting Simple Roofing and Exteriors permission with your insurance carrier both to discuss the claim on your behalf as well as receive any documents associated with your claim. If additional documents are sent directly to you please forward them to your company representative.

Repairs or Replacement-

After everything is approved with the insurance company, we will provide you with complete storm damage repairs or full replacement. Our experts work with a variety of materials and will give you a complete solution for all of your needs.

Completing the Process-

Once the work is completed, we send a certificate of completion to the insurance company. The insurer will then release the remainder of the money and give you a final check that covers the remaining cost of the work done to your home. You are required to pay in full after the claim has been settled for contracted work.

When you choose Simple Roofing and Exteriors you choose peace of mind knowing you’re working with a licensed, insured, and experienced roofing company that can help you through the entire claims or repair process.

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