Metal roofs are gaining popularity across the country for a variety of reasons. They offer energy savings, are aesthetically appealing and offer protection for your home that lasts a lifetime. Standing Seam metal roofing complements nearly every architectural style while remaining environmentally sustainable.  Explore a multitude of benefits that metal roofs have to offer.

We own and operate our own production facility in Castle Rock Colorado. This allows us to provide affordable and customized options in metal roofing based on your exact specifications. We at Simple Roofing & Exteriors will work with you to find a metal roofing style that is both beautiful and functional. Our team of experts are highly proficient in all aspects of metal roofing.

Metal roofing’s performance is unmatched! Get the ultimate resistance to wind, hail, snow loads, and severe storm damage. Standing seam metal roofing is the most tried and true roof surface. Dating back 130 years no other modern roof system has been on the market longer. Metal roofing easily outlasts other materials such as asphalt shingles, concrete tiles, or wood shakes. The additional performance provided by metal roofing will help you optimize the investment you make into your home!

Our Newtech Standing Seam Machine and Owners

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